Easter Passover Spring Weekend Chakra Revival Extravaganza

Release, Let Go, Fly High With the Angels of ForGIVEness.

It's the time of rejuvenation, regeneration and renewal. In honoring the reviving energy of this season, our Angel Friends have requested to get out these two audios to you as a rich weekend revival celebration. Plus BONUS Audio # 3 for Free

Dear Ones,
Haven't we all been through it!  Blizzards, floods, tornadoes, blinding rainstorms, mud slides.  That's on the outside!
Similarly, haven't we been going through it on the inside, too?
Relationships dying, jobs gone, homes disappearing, much dying and falling away of all that we thought we could count on.  Strange body symptoms and mysterious ailments. Lost homes.
So what do we do?  What can we count on?
Easter is the weekend of rejuvenation, regeneration and renewal.  In honoring the reviving energy of this week, our Angel Friends have requested  to get out these two audios to you as a rich weekend revival celebration.
The two channeled audios are from a collection of guides and angels I work with ~ including Archangel Michael, The Angels of ForGIVEness, Reshel (The feminine Unconditional Love Aspect of Metatron), and others too numerous to mention.
The Guides and Angels have focused on the two lower energy centers in our human forms ~ the chakras:  
1.The Grounding Chakra at the base of the spine and
2. The Creation Chakra. ~ just above the other chakra in the lower abdomen.
 Chakras 1 and 2.
Both audios work together to clear, empower, enlighten, and bring the divine presence actively and consciously into our two human base chakras ~ the ones that both ground us, and allow our creativity to flourish in our everyday lives.
Our Angel Friends are loving, protective, energetically nourishing, and nurturing.
Allow them to be of service to you at this time.
They want to be!
20 minutes
The golden particles of divine creative consciousness are breathed systematically into our human system.  Merging in the root chakra at the base of the spine with a great ball of shimmering red light, this energetic form clears old stale energies out of us, and then brings in the divine consciousness of the divine energies.
Go slowly with this process.  Be gentle and loving and forgiving, and accepting of yourself and others as you work with this audio.  
Blocks here contribute to weakness, hate and vengeful thoughts, scarcity and fear.
A clear root chakra opens the streams to allow abundance, prosperity, success, confidence, and acceptance of all good things  to flourish in our lives.
A clear Root Chakra is part of The Secret that you hadn't heard before!
RICH CONTENT 2nd Chakra ~ Blue Flower of Life Diamond Empowerment Meditation Audio
 29 minutes
Blocked and stale energies here in the 2nd chakra located in the lower abdomen just above the root chakra are related to feeling "less than", inferior, anxious, and critical 
When we are unconscious of this center, or it is sub-conscious, we can get caught up in physical and emotional addictions of all degrees and kinds:  eating, sex, gambling, being compulsive, bad attitudes, and control issues.
When this center is cleared and empowered, we can experience unconditional love ~ for ourselves and others.  It is the center of life ~ giving birth to our creations, and accepting, loving, and nurturing them.  It is joyous place to live from.
In this audio, Archangel Michael explains how the stream of pure Creator Essence flows into our life center, and forms the sacred geometry of life ~ The Flower of Life.  The Beings of Light overseeing this meditation embellish this basic life form with the empowered golden particles of The Creator  to give adamantine diamond strength to our intentions that are created with consideration for the highest good for all.  
BONUS:  The Angels of ForGIVEness Guided  AudioMeditation to Release and Let Go.  I
Included in this Easter Renewal and Revival Special.
The audio will be on your Thank You form when you order the Revival Extravaganza package.
Use these audios in whatever sequence and frequency feels right for you.  It will vary from person to person and from time to time ~ as we are all going through ongoing series of changes and energetic upgrades in our frequencies.
The important thing is to do them, and not forget.  Put up post-it notes if you need help remembering to do the meditations and connect with the Angelic Grace that comes with doing the meditations.
Allow time and space for the work to unfold in yourself ~ and be gentle with yourself and others when the clearing process is underway.
Don't take anything personally that comes up.  Just watch it.  It is good to keep a journal and write down your observations and insights as the process develops within you.
Spiritual work is a lifestyle - so take your time and enjoy the journey of self discovery as it unfolds uniquely for you ~ page by page by page.  Little step by little step by little steps.
I hold YOU in the Creator's Light.
Pat Crosby
Please help spread the word.  Forward this email to invite others.
-- Pat Crosby 845.434.3829 US voicemail ForGIVEness ~ untangling and unsnarling of  our own old twisted patterns, blocks and knots that keep us from moving forward into our birthright of light and love.  Releasing and letting go of old past imprints and patterns that do not serve us.http://ILoveForGIVEness.com

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